'Live' Account - Brokers Risk Statement

Need some advice please.

Looking to start a ‘live’ account soon, but viewing the Alpari web-site they state you could lose more than you have deposited. This had made me a little apprehensive.

Surely using Stop Loss gives protection, also they would use a Margin call if the account got too low so am somewhat puzzled.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

Do all Brokers have the same risk statement?

Would appreciate your comments.


I’ve never heard of anyone ever losing more money than they deposited. I don’t even see how that could be possible, apart from a computer glitch that caused them to miss a margin call.

My guess is that Alpari’s lawyer wanted them to have that just to “cover their butt” in case some disaster happens. I wouldn’t worry about it. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply - you have made me feel a lot more confident about opening a ‘live’ account.


In addition to Phil’s advice, I would suggest a phone call to this broker and get them to explain the matter exactly to you - exactly the way you want it - no doubts remaining.

Then you can be sure
But I think you will find that Phil is correct. :slight_smile:

i have had a senario with capital spreads were the price moved so fast it jumped all stops including the own companies 80% the account ended up �50 over drawn

this happend when i very first started, and has not happend since, the statement is a universal statment used even when you phone up a broker to buy normall shares in the uk, that stament is always repeated, i use alapri now and i have never had a margin call but i have used there stops TS and TP and they have always worked

i only had one clicth were a pending oreder was execcuted 3 pips b4 the target price, but again you can find that in the T & C’s aswell

Thanks Tymen1 & Trevpick001 for your advice. I will certainly call the Brokers and have a word with them.