Live call with an actual economist!

For those who may be interested, this evening I’m hosting a live conference call with a real-life economist. His name is Jeoff Hall. He’s a former colleague of mine from my days as a professional analyst. Jeoff’s been analyzing and forecasting US economic stuff for more than a decade. He’s going to be talking about the major points in that process. There will be some very interesting stuff. He took me through the high points the other day and some of it was quite surprising, especially given what you hear in the media today.

If you have any interest in learning more about the fundamentals behind the dollar and whatnot. Click the link below to sign-up so you can get the call-in info and the download link for his PowerPoint file. There will be time for Q&A.

Live Call Registration

hi there,

i am definitely interested in listening in but i have class tonight…
So i was just wondering if you and your buddy do this often or if this like a once in lifetime opp?

I do these sorts of calls from time to time, across an array of topics. We don’t have any specific plans for a similar call any time in the future, though.

ok, then hopefully i will catch the next one.thx