Live forex seminars/courses in london

[B]This is a thread to post any live forex seminars that you would recommend, that you have personally attended.

I think the best way to learn to trade is by being mentored and I realised that there are not that many live seminars to attended. Most people seem to learn from videos and I believe you can’t beat hands on training.

So recently I attended a London based FOREX seminar that I wanted to share my experience with and encourage others to post their own experiences of seminars/courses that they have attended etc.

The seminar that I attended was a one day forex begginners course run by a guy who started off as a NLP practitioner/psychologist and was regularly on TV helping people to conquer phobias before he became a pro trader.

What made this course stand out from others that I have attended, was the amazing insight and understanding of trading psychology and the subsequent techniques taught to help us with the mental emotional side of trading.

He demonstrated some amazing examples of how your emotions can ruin a trade and showed how to use NLP techniques to combat this.

The rest of the course was also superb and filled in alot the grey areas for me. He covered just about every aspect of trading forex, from basics like how to execute various types of orders to some very advanced understanding of supply and demand and volume spread analysis and how smart money can manipulate the market.

I came away with an excellent trading strategy and lots of other goodies which I did not expect.

He does a begginers course once a month and if anyone would like to know more I don’t mind you contacting me…

I would like to hear from anyone else who has attending a live forex seminar (LONDON BASED) and for them to share their experiences good or bad etc.

NLP were reaching here guys. :smiley:

Neural Lingistic Programming… What a crock of … The only way to combat the psychological fears in trading is to trade a real account. With time and experience, confidence in your decision making process will grow.

Hmmmm… that was a round about sales pitch.I do have a story about a seminar thou.The first book i ever picked up on forex was written by James ****s.The book did not really have pertinent info but had a website he wrote about in the book.I went to the website he happen to have a seminar in my area in a week so i went.When i arrived the man at the front of the fancy hotel lobby wanted you to sign some paperwork,most people just signed it and walked in.I decided to read it when i found later the presenter approached me started to mimic me reading it,i guess to get me to stop, which i did he laughed when he got my attention patted me on the back and i signed and presided in.

There was about 30 of us the first question he asked was how many of us had traded anything me and one other guy raised are hands.Then some joking then a video from the founder of this find out later software James ****s had.The presenter was not James ****s but a pitchman for the software.Then the slide show on the remarkable software, some things did not had up on is presentation.The ra ra presentation with the shill in the back yelling “praise the lord” also often ended with the offer of $2995 for the software.The kicker was you could take it home now and if you did not like it you can return it for a refund in two weeks when you came back for the work shop in a couple weeks.The seminar ended and the sales people swooped in to herd you in back with credit card in hand.I bolted to the door where there was a salesmen waiting i gave him my own course of B.S. and got out of there.

I went home and googled everything i could on James ****s.I find out people were not getting there credit cards refunded and he as been doing seminars formerly in real estate for years.The real estate was run by a relative who served time for this and at that time he was the presenter.These pitchman are now finding legitimacy writing books with fluff.END OF STORY