Live Scalp Trading

Hello Everyone

My Name is Tony

I will be[B] live trading in the baby pips live Chat Room each day from 7.30 GMT. [/B]Doing scalp trade’s

15 PIP STOP LOSS 10 PIP PROFIT each trade unless i think i can get more.


Charts 4 hour to confirm direction of trend / 15 min to check signals / 5 min to enter Trade

All welcome



Hello again

Forgot will post results here on the thread if you would like to follow my trades please use demo for a week or so, get the just of what i can do, [B]See you in the Chat room[/B].

This is a signal service but you can watch on your own charts as i make live trade call’s.

Will say when to Enter the trade When to get Out

Rules 15 pip stop, 10 pip profit unless i say profit can be more.

I trade only Price Action.

Look for every 20 trades around 5 loses 15 wins around 75% win ratio

Thank you



This Morning so far

[B]1ST DAY[/B]

1st Trade in the Chat room aud/usd Loss for -15 pips
2nd Trade Eur/usd Break even
3rd Trade aud/usd +37 pips
4th Trade Aud/usd +10 pips
5th Trade Eur/Usd +10 pips
6th Trade Aud/usd +10 pips
7th Trade Aud/usd +10 pips
8th Trade Eur/usd +10 pips

Total for the Day as of 14.10 pm GMT [B]72 pips profit
Thats it for today see you all Monday



When scalping its important to have a low spread, below is a web address which show’s low spread broker’s
with these its possible on the Eur/Usd and Aud/Usd to get 0.6 spreads this is not an advert for these brokers just info.

The wesite is called



Please can you tell me where your chat room is located. I have tried the chat and I cannot see you there.



Do you have a myfxbook of your trading history?

Hello mytrader

Been very busy sorry i was in the BP chat room but no one goes in there only 2 people so waiting for members to ask in the mean time watch this very funny.

Riverdance monkeys remixed - YouTube



funny riverdance video lol and looking forward to seeing you in the live room

Hi livescalptrading
I’ve just seen this thread
I’m just letting you know i too am interested and will be joining the chatroom

When’s the next time you’ll be in the chatroom??


Are you still doing the chatroom? I checked your not in today when will you start again

I would also be interested in this very much.

By the way, posting your results here in the thread is much appreciated too. Thanks for posting the example of your daily record above.

I am interested … ill be waiting there for you in the chatroom

hi guys… i just wanted to reply on my part because i was getting email notifications about this thread… personally i didnt look in to this… if any one else has im sure were all interested in seeing the results… thanks happy trading to all

Tony are you still going to do it

Did he blow his account?

hi Tony are you still trading?

what is going on here? 4 year old post. give me something current