Live trading rooms

Hey guys

I was talking to a guy today who is from currency exchange company- STOCKEXINSIDER - , which provides experts advise on currency exchange.

He said it has an “Australian Financial Services License”. what is it? Have you heard about this company? what do you think about them?
also, the joining fee is around $10k… is it a normal fee?

10 dollars would be more like it, anyone can get a licsence, stay far away from that!!

they have Australian Financial Services Licensee. Also, they have showed me a live trading room. It seemed to be impressive for me.

Again licsences arent important any average joe can get one! 10k is a ridiculously amount of money for a room! This place is total crap and that fact its your first post to tout a room like that shows you must be a shill

Lol. I am not a shill…
There was another company which offers the same benefits for a bit lesser price. However, i have noticed that both companies use the same expert.