Live trading with Avonko Elite - my journal attempt to stay disciplined!

Hey everyone - I’m excited to be part of this community. I have been demo testing the Avonko Elite EA for about six months now and have been so excited with the resulting tripling of my demo balance, that I have finally decided to make the jump into real money trading.

I have decided to open this thread for a few reasons:

[li]Show people what it takes to be successful trading with an EA
[/li][li]Keep myself disciplined with respect to risk management practices

I will be returning each day or so with my EA trade results, along with a discussion of why or why not to let the EA trade during certain market environments, on a strictly short term basis.

I’m looking forward to positive criticism and hopefully I will learn and share enough to one day create my own trading system.

My first trade was executed this morning, trading off of the EURJPY currency. I use Interbank FX and I have a mini account, and I’m trading 1 lots per trade (roughly 6% risk of $500 account)

Today’s automated trade - net +30 pips:

sell 1.0 lot @ 123.61
take profit @ 123.31

Net profit 30 pips, net profit after swap +33.40

New balance 533.40 net % gain after 001 trade: 6.68%

Nice job - welcome and good luck to you.

Hi, dave.
I had heard that real money trading is very good option. All the best for it. I specially liked you decision about opening thread on that particular topic. Its a nice idea.

How’re you doing with your EA?

No more updates?