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just kinnda curious its now above 80 pips, why did you go long? Did ypu use any technical analysis on this? i haven’t tried trading the yen these days

Just right now trade

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Gbpjpy will gap up tonight
Short trade is the good call

Being over confident is a sure way to exit fx . :wink:

GBP/USD ( Daily TF)
Cool, i’m glad your still there i thought you closed without any explanation, but i do have something some R/S analysis ( you mentioned short because there is a confirmation that it would bounce back to the lowest support, see image below, correct me if i’m wrong.

Correction (GBP/JPY)

Thats what she said ^

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I see that you try to long near breakout 156.79 also above R2=158.54

i want to join your trade going long
set up GBP/JPY LONG @158.49
limit @ 158.56
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hi pureskill

wonder how is your trade on gbp/jpy ?


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Still in progress

I call off the trade

Government block fx. Sites in the country

Glad to share with you my trades