Does fixed account have fixed spread under all market conditions? Another broker I traded doesn’t guarantee freeze spread in volatile time and I lost too much. If spread is widen in negative way, will broker compensate for me?

Dear dollace,

The point of the Fixed spread account type at LMFX is to offer fixed spread to the clients of the company. I don’t understand what you mean by freeze spread in volatile time, but I guess you mean keeping the spreads fixed as they are during regular market operations. As stated above - the meaning of the Fixed spread account is to have the spreads fixed during all kinds of market conditions. I hope that answers your question.

The post above was from March of 2016, but in case anyone comes across it I’ll share a partial webmail response to that exact question from me in Nov 2022, written by LMFX “Maggie Mendes”:

“Thank you for your request.
Please note that these spread values are average. They could always be changed from the market conditions.”

Let us know if you need any further assistance

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