Logical Forex Charting Software

This is my first week of going live. Made a fraction in terms of profit but at least I didn’t loose anything.
My question is…Has anyone used logical forex software, and it’s primarily designed for scalping. Is it worth the $80/month to rent it?

I’d post the link but apparently I need 5+ post to do that

While I was waiting for something to happen that I’m doing with, I saw your post, so did a fast check. If it were me, I would not pay $80 a month for what he’s offering. There is no ongoing support that I can see, everything is directed back to the video’s. He has not posted in his blog for a long while and apologizes for it, again the software is working fine.

If you do logical forex reviews. You will see reviews from 4 years ago, nothing new. As my grandfather use to say “same suit, different color” the indicators he uses you can download for free. You can find tons of free systems that will address whatever you’re trying to accomplish several on this forum. If you post and tell people what you’re trying to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it, you’ll get several suggestions from people who were once like you.

Anyway if keeping learning while you’re trading, in six months if you go back and take a look at his proposal, I’m sure you’ll see what the fajita was I thinking when I was considering buying this. This is my opinion, and the first thing you need to know is there are a lot of different opinions and approaches to trade the forex, so as I said in my opinion, in most cases the only thing you should pay for is ongoing support. That’s available in a private members thread on a forum, Skype or website that is current and active. Almost all of how you want to trade, and tools that will address your weak points are free, just do the work and look. You already made the right choice and asked before you spent. Good Luck and I hope this helps

what software it may be ? an EA ? or rented data feed on ninja traders?
[I] logical forex software, and it’s primarily designed for scalping[/I]
i believe it’s not your software which let you do scalping, but your brokers trading condition. your system may able catch the market movement, the ‘software’ may your only tool here, but dont forget you put your investment in someone else company. and this would be an issue if you just keep an extreme profit with them. i’m not saying in order to discourage your plan, but from what i experience, a profitable trading strategies (any strategies) is a profit system for both side, your account and the ‘household’.

I agree with gp on this one. Don’t waste your money on this.

I am going to second the above advice, given the fact that there’s tonnes of freebie resources and indicators you can use, there’s just no point in coughing up the money at this point. I would suggest that you wait a bit, pref for a few months and take a call on it…good luck.