Lonely Trader from Shanghai

Hi my name is Li. I have took local forex lessons for a year and a course called Fxplus in Australia which have given me a deep insight for forex. I have traded for nearly two years.Most of the trades are intraday. Recently, I have
been trying out swing trading on demo cause I want to try different styles in search of my niche.

However,there are not many forex traders here.Most Chinese would rather trade local stocks. Thus, i feel really
lonely as a small retail trader. Wish to get to know experienced traders who can integrate and step ahead together on the marathon road of trading for a living.

Kind Regards,

Greetings Li and welcome! Trading can be a lonely place; not only are we isolated behind our screens, but it’s tough to find someone who views the markets and risk management in the same way as you do! There are a lot of new and experience traders here, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. And please do share your online trading journal…it’ll help those who are experienced see how you’re seeing the market, and they can be better guides to you. Good luck!

I see,thanks for your reply. This educational forex site is very good because it do not have so many based on commercial needs.I will get in touch with you guys.