Long Term Momentum trading: advice needed

Ok, so I am about to go back to college and I won’t have time to test a lot of systems or spend much time on Forex at all.

So I wanted to try a system that utilizes long term trading, meaning weekly charts, but I need some help.

Here is what I am thinking.

Look for 3 candles in a row going in 1 direction. Verify with slow stochastic that price isn’t oversold or overbought, and that RSI is at least 5 points in your diretion, IE go long if trend is up and RSI is 55+.

But here is my problem, I know that money management is vital, and I am confused about what size stops to use, as well as leverage.

I want to use at least 2:1 leverage, but with weekly charts you need a larger SL. But how big?

For the Cowabunga like system described in the pip school they used 1 day charts and 30 pip stop.

So does that mean that 100 pip stop is enough on a weekly chart?

Or is that two small? 150 then?

I have been demo trading risking 1% of my account/trade all summer, but that was useing daily charts and shorter term trades.

With weekly charts there are far fewer trades, so do I increase the risk to 2% or even go so far as risk 3%?

I also am afraid that if I set stops too high, say 300 pips, risking 3%/trade and 2:1 leverage, that losses will be so large that my reward/risk ratio will be too low and so profitability impossible.

So Please tell me, for those of you who trade on weekly time lines, how large of a stop do you use to not get stopped out of a trade due to daily chop.

Also, I know that many use alternative time charts to time entry points.

What do you think would be a good entry chart for weekly?

Daily? 4 Hour? 1 Hour?

My gut tells me that daily is good, but that maybe 4 hour is also good, to make sure the market moves 50 pips against you right away.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.