Long term trades on GBP/USD and GBP/JPY

Hello fellas.
I will be posting my own signals here. Please don’t rush to test them on your live account. Just watch.
Long Term Sell GBP/USD @ 1.6515, Target 1.6364 NO STOP LOSS.
Long Term Sell GBP/JPY @ 156.36, Target 154.37 NO STOP LOSS.

GBP/JPY +199 pips
GBP/USD CLOSE POSITION @ 1.6405 + 120 pips

Total 319 Pips!

Hey pipmaker,
Just to get a better idea of how things are working:

  1. How long is “long-term”? 12 mos.+?

  2. With no stops in place (I won’t argue the merits/demerits of that here), how much margin are you using (%) , relative to your overall account equity?

  3. Any particular strategy used to determine entries/targets?

  4. Why this pair of pairs? Short GBP, but any particular reason you chose these and not, say, GBP/CAD, EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, etc.? And, I’m curious; any thoughts on how GBP will play out differently with USD v. JPY? Okay, so that was really three questions there.


Hello Andrewunknown.

  1. Long term for this signals is usually 24 hours or more lets say up to 3-4 days depending on the market.

  2. There is some people in forex that stricktly follow this rule that only 1-2 percent should be used. I can use 5-10%.

  3. I use ATR levels.

4)Why this pair only? I used it only on these pairs and didn’t have time to check on different pairs yet. Hopefullly later on I might come up with something.

Right now on GBP/USD we got +15 pips and GBP/JPY we got +151 pips.

Hello everybody.
Well now waiting for a good chance to enter market for lots of pips. Who ever followed me on Demo we got 319 pips. Beautiful…

Friends sorry I came home late and forgot to tell u about this signal. Sell GBP/USD @ 1.6400 Target 1.6300 100 pips

Hi dear friends.
Pending Order to sell GBP/JPY @ 1.6522 Target 1.6460
Last night when I send out signal to sell GBP/JPY for target 1.6300 it only got to 1.6305-09 so I closed it with +70 profit when I saw it starting going back up.

Ok fellas Selling GBP/JPY @ 155.96 Target @ 154.00
To our success :slight_smile:

Since the G/U and G/J basically trade in the same direction, why not just trade the G/J and double up your lot size?? More bang for your buck…

Ok fellas Selling GBP/JPY @ 155.96 Target @ 154.00
To our success

Lucky for you no stop loss (maybe) if the draw down didn’t hurt you…

The G/U is an excellent pair to trade, IMO, but it seems we’ve been stuck in such a goofy area between 1.4 and 1.5. Before the end of the year, however, I’m expecting we’ll break to one side and the rest will be history.