Long term trend posts

Hey I’m still profit from my long term gbp Aud buy

So I thought I’d do a thread for long termers

Aud nzd just formed long term sell trend

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Nice. I am also looking to buy GBPAUD but as a day trade though when I got back from work later in the NY session.

Regarding AUDNZD, I don’t think it is a good idea to trade correlated pair at the same time.

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Usually , not all the time but when Aud comes down gbp Aud goes up negative correlation so the direction seems correct

The Aud nzd sell is in play see how it goes

Aud nzd stayed down continue to hold Aud nzd sell

Nice, I thought you get stopped out when that deeper pull back came in yesterday. Anyway, I switched to GBPCHF yesterday as I saw GBPAUD has a deep pull back and less volatility. Closed the trade slightly after London session closed.

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what do u think about cadjpy? worthy for a trade? to which side?

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No cad jpy the three best are

Short term

NZD usd sell
Aud cad sell

Long term
Aud nzd sell

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Thanks icebear

Sell eur jpy now it just formed long term sell

would you also mention SL and TP for that? my risk management wont allow me to open a trade without SL and TP

EUR jpy long term sell Put sl 40 pips tp 300 pips

Also nzd usd just turned into a buy
And Aud cad just turned into a buy

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Maybe Eur/Usd looking to make the upswing?

Short term eur usd could definitely go up in a big way Monday

Looks to me like gold is falling and eur usd going up Monday


Thanks ausguy-

I’m already in.

Fingers crossed!

No pugold should go up too

I just took at usd cad though could go up

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There is correlation though with EUR gbp though which is coming down so usd cad is down sorry didn’t spot that


No worries, my friend.

Thanks for the forum topic. My “long-term” trades now last between a few days and a few months.

So it’s not critical what happens Monday anyway. Its just that it would be nice to be in profit so quickly. I guess the better I get at entries, the sooner I’ll always be in profit.

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