Longest losing streak

For those who trade successfully, what is your longest losing streak?
Most common knowledge seems to be use a risk of 2% but can you actually have a 50 trade losing streak??? You’d have to be doing something drastically wrong for that

for me its not how many trades in a row you lose , more importantly its how much you are losing per trade, i bet there are a few people that have blown there account in 1 or 2 bad trades by not using money managment

Last week (Mon-Fri) was the worst for me since I’ve started trading. I shouldn’t have been trading due to not being able to focus 100% on the charts and data when making a decision. Had alot of stuff going on so my mind was everywhere and it hit me pretty good; but i’m back at it again this week.

My biggest losing streak is 6 trades in a row, and I’ve had it happen twice. :slight_smile:

No one should let themselves get 50 in a row. If you get 10 you need to stop trading and make sure something hasn’t gone wrong with your trading strategy.

I have had 4 in a row. :eek: :eek: :eek:

Then I stopped and did a massive re-appraisal. :cool:

Why then do we not go for more than 2%? I know this is a personal choice and while learning obviously 2% is best. Perhaps 5% is too much but I’ve certainly known people to use that on some trades at points. I guess it’s a question of not wiping off 30% of your account in a losing run of 6 trades but equally more % would earn you more.

Like you said, it’s a personal choice. I just prefer to be more conservative. I think anything up to 5% is ok.

Its not 50 trades. Because you recalculate your lot size based on your diminishing capital it works out to be 198 trades to wipe you out

% risk is a function of account size.

If you have a small balance it is all to easy to risk to much, 2% of $500.00 is $10.00, thats a latte and a crossant so its easy to make that $50 instead of $10 (10% risk now) or even $100 (20%). Its not very exciting to make $20, but to make $200, well now that is much more exciting and substaintial (human nature)…

Which is why most small accounts are destined to fail, they are under capitalised and then over leverage.

Now if you’ve a $100,000.00, then 2% is $2k and to most people thats a significant amount of coin to lose on a single trade, just imagine the 10% senario…

5 losing trades in a row for me… and that was 10% account balance gone:mad:

Ha Ha Ha!!

Latte and crossants anyone? :smiley: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

You are correct, of course in what you say!! :slight_smile:

My worst loss strake was 5 in a row, and not only once� :eek: when it happened I closed my computer and got away because I was already getting anxious and didn�t wanted to make any stupid choices�