Looking at GBP/USD Trade

Entered at 1.2333, TP at 1.2638

Now trading at 1.2468. It is now above new support.

This trade is sitll hanging on. What’s your SL?

This is the current 5-minute chart. If that helps. looks like a distribution area. If it breaks below, I would take my profits and wait, just me.

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Yes! Trade is still going on. My SL is at 1.2190

Current price is at 1.2495

Looks like around 1.26 is strong resistance. At least the trade is still on!

Just an update that my TP was hit last Friday. Watching this pair for now and looking for a good price to re-enter. Currently at 1.2628
Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 4.14.15 PM

Looking to buy at 1.2570
TP1: 1.2610
TP2: 1.2735
SL: 1.2430

Currently trading at 1.2500
Screen Shot 2022-06-07 at 5.30.46 PM

Sadly, I got stopped out of this trade. I will continue to watch it for this week and try to look at other pairs to trade.

Hey guys! Bullish Butterfly on H1, gbpusd. :slight_smile:
Lots of harmonics in other majors too. See chart!

I just saw your post and checked the link. Nice trade, you’ve reached your target! :clap:

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Waiting on what DXY is doing at the moment to see if increasingly higher time frame structure is getting broken. I feel this could be a short term retracement before DXY goes higher still.