Looking for 20 pips a day system

Hi…anyone know a system which can give me 20 pips a day??? Please let me know…

Look for more information on the old topics, I recommend it. The Forex thread for newbies, there you will find all the necessary advice to operate.

Yes… Actually i do hehe

oh man… what a weird question LOL

this is like asking someone “does anyone know how i can make money” hehe

obviously, you can’t just take anyone off the street or anyone at random and show them how to , let’s say, get a job
and make money.
Questions need to be asked

“How much money”
“What sort of work do you want to do, or… do you not care… etc”

with 20 pips a day
the questions might be

  • What instrument, or do you not care
  • Does it HAVE TO BE Per Day, what if you make nothing for 3 days then 90 pips on the 4th day, is that still ok ?

now, that aside
i do have a system that i use that can do this… Sure
but do you honestly expect me to teach you something i’ve learned over 7 years, in 30 mins
and FOR FREE at that
Cmon man, be realistic

Maybe a better question might be

any ideas

Maybe we can help you fix what you are doing wrong
do you not want to bother and you just want a system handed to you on a platter

FYI - I’m not being rude at all, i’m just trying to establish where you’re coming from.

I mean, the direct answer to your question is … YES I KNOW A SYSTEM
but then you are going to ask me to show you the system … right ? obviously

and there in lies the problem
TIME IS REQUIRED TO SHOW IT TO YOU and teach it to you properly

Can i ask another question ?

How did you come to the conclusion that IT MUST BE 20 A DAY ?

Actually it is not very tough to earn daily 20 pips, also not so easy to earn. The way of working is different from trader to trader. Also it’s depend on what type of trading platform you are using. Martin said exactly on the point. So, depending on the trading strategy or type of instruments can ups and downs the result of trading. I think rather than fixing XX number of pips you can set a target of daily or weekly or monthly trading.

I agree
Everything is different from trader to trader

a Monthly or Quarterly goal is a lot more realistic

Change your question and change your trading strategy. This isn’t like sales where you have sales and retail targets - the markets are way, WAY too inconsistent for that.

If you ARE going for a pip target, though, try this one: at LEAST a monthly/quarterly net 0 pip gain. That puts risk management first and profit targeting second - the right away around :slight_smile:

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So, you are trying to trade with others trading strategy? Why not you are trying to build up your strategy by yourself? I think, no one can help you without you! Means, learn the Forex trading and build your own style!

There isn’t a system which will give you 20 pips per day, because you don’t yet have enough understanding or experience to be able to formulate an appropriate or meaningful question, so you wouldn’t be able to trade it anyway.

No shame in that, at all - we were all there once.

You need to read the educational pages here, and a book or two (don’t try to learn from other websites or videos), by which time you’ll see that (a) “numbers of pips” ,and (b) “per day”, and © wthat a system will “give” you, are all meaningless, worthless and unhelpful approaches.


That’s not a lot of course. I don’t even know, where you can find them in such sizes anymore =)