Looking for a beginner forex partner to learn together

Hi everyone,

I started forex some time this year and am learning with the babypips school and am also using a demo account.

I’m looking for a partner with whom I can learn together, share knowledge, experiences, ideas and motivate each other.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me :wink:

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Hi what country are you from

Hey, I’m from Germany. What about you?

Good idea. I’m sure someone would only be too happy to oblige.

best of luck.

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What did you have in mind?

I ask because I think what you’re asking for is already given here on the babypips forum.

What specifically?

To chat and share trades and ideas outside of the forum?

Perhaps start a thread with your journal. You can post your trades, thoughts, etc.

Or do you prefer more one-on-one communication?

Yes, it’s more the one-on-one communication.
And thanks for your advice, I will look into that as well.

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On what platform? Whatsapp?

I’m interested. I’m not a newbie because I’ve been studying FX for about 7/8 months like almost everyday. However I’ve never traded live so…

Thanks for the interest, but I’m good now

Hi I’m doing the same thing! I’d be down to work with someone. Anyone from Pennsylvania?

Hey there nyc/nj flexible with weekly meetings preferably Monday Tuesday. Looking for a learning partner. I’m pretty seasoned with knowledge.

Hi I’m in Pennsylvania and would be down to connect and learn.

Hey GershwinBK I’m in the PA area and would like to get connected with you. I’ve had a demo account for some time but never really made any trades. I’ve also been off forex for a while but I’m trying to get back on.

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Hey I am interested , are you still looking for someone to study with ?