Looking for a broker

I need a broker which meets the following requirements:

  1. Micro lots (0.01) are offered.
  2. MetaTrader4 is supported.
  3. The spread on EUR/USD is as small as possible. No more than 2 pips, but [B]the smaller the better[/B].
  4. The broker is NOT an NFA member.

I would appreciate any suggestions.

IBFX meets all three of your conditions. :slight_smile:

But if you don’t mind doing your charting on an MT4 demo account, Oanda offers a .9 pip spread on EUR/USD throughout most of the day.

Oh, forgot to mention: the broker should allow hedging. No NFA member brokers, please.

hi there, yee broker offer all of the above, plus a 10% trading bonus, thats why i joined them. have you open a accoutn with anyone yet ?

Dear bravehoststamps, such a strange list of conditions =) however, i must say that almost no really good brokers will offer you spread when UER/USD less than 2 pips…
There is a broker, LiteForex, wich complies with all your reguirements but offers spread of 3 pips

LiteForex is a mere bucket shop. So far, Alpari UK/RU meets all of the above requirements, but I continue searching for alternatives.

I like the avatars of the 2 persons above. :slight_smile:

They show real names and real faces.

I think that adds a great personal touch to their posts!! :slight_smile:

bravehoststamps, you mean that this foriegn broker is not that nuch legitimate? well, this is only due to the specific traits of the are it is located in…

Deltastock could be an option for you. I am trading with them and I like them. They have fixed spread on EUR/USD which is 2 pips, non NFA member, minimum lot size is 1000 units (it could be changed upon your needs as long as it is dividable to 1000), they allow hedging. MT4 could be used through Meta-Delta Bridge. They also have Level 2 in their platform.

You can try Fxopen. it meets all your requirements and their leverage is 1:500. now they also have cash bonus for opening an account.

what about FXDD?

Both FXOpen and FXDD are scams - their requoting practices can be described as nothing but thievery. I am currently with Alpari UK, but still looking for a better option.

I’ve been demoing IBFX for a bit and am quite happy with them. Wouldn’t know about live though, hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Hey! WSD meets all the four requirements. Its NZX regulated which enforces them to maintain client segregated accounts. This is to ensure safety of the funds that you deposit with them. Also, they offer MT4 platform.

I’d say, try downloading their software so as get a feel of it, and you can see that the spreads offered by them are infact competitive.

Hardly of any use, since they are an NFA member and disallow hedging.

Anyone tried Forex.com ?

Same as FXDD + you can’t even download the historical quotes through their MT4 for your backtests.

I am also searching a broker with approximately the same criterias, regulated and ECN trading? Any1?

Actually I just downloaded the historical quotes.
Tourt->History Centre

hey bravehoststamps! you can consider WSD. they meet all four requirements of yours. They are regulated by NZX, offer good leverage…Have a go at their demo account!