Looking for a cfd broker recommendation

hello all hope everyone is doing awesome,

I’m looking for a CFD broker that serves US clients or is no KYC. Specifically im looking for the largest selection of us stocks and a reasonable leverage. I have no use for 1000x lol. I can’t imagine how people can effectively trade that. I would like at least 50 to 1 though. Im currently at eaglefx but haven’t loaded my account yet. Any recommendations over eagle?

I personally like and use EagleFX. THey are offshore so you can use in the US without issue and no kyc needed before trading(all broker require it before you withdraw).
Other good options seem to be CedarFX, Turnkey, Hugosway, COinnexx.

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Been with them around 14 months and they are consistent as a broker. They have listened to the customer base as well and recently added doge, handy as I was trading it elsewhere.


Yeah lots of brokers have added DOGE. Seems to be the “in” coin right now

Lots of movement and money to be made

Are you sure thats accurate?
I was under the assumption eagle and prosperity were not the case. If not thats fine with me but just not what I was thinking.

I just switched to Moneta Markets around a year ago. Been satisfied with their service, especially their trading platform, which is so easy to use. I’m not too sure though if they serve U.S. clients. What I do know is they offer 500:1 leverage, so your requirement of 50:1 is pretty much covered. Check 'em out!

It is accurate. :+1: I`m also their client for almost 2 years already.

Do they provide deposits in Bitcoin??

EagleFX are as I use them, Properity I believe is too

You joined last week and already done 2 posts about this broker(and barely anything else). You obviously work for them!