Looking for a coder for fxblue modification


I’ve been using Fx Blue personal trade copier. The only thing I’m missing in it is to be able to set it in a way that the sender or receiver would stop sending or receiving trades when daily profit in % is reached and then starting the next day either sender would restart sending again or receiver would start receiving new trades.

I’m looking for someone to modify it for me so please contact me if you can do it, how fast and how much will it cost me. Thank you,


You’re searching in the wrong corner. This is what the trader or EA (Sender) has to do. Not the one who transmits the signals.


Hi, check this solution. I think it will be cheaper, faster and stable solution for you.


Thanks, but where should I look for then?

In receiver options, emergency tab. There is free demo available, so you can easily test it.

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Thank you, will look into it. Cheers