Looking for a Forex mate

This is Sina, based in Sussex (Chichester) looking for a forex mate. I am looking for an active full-time forex trader to make a group of 2-3 people for better concentration on intraday forex opportunities.
I love forex and I spend my full time on forex development and trading. please message me if you are an active forexer and interested.

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Hello and welcome to the forex Sina.

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Bit far for me as I am in Devon

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You can learn forex from many sources.

Thanks, Hunter. yes, there are so many sources and data over there, and some of them are very useful. I believe creating a trading strategy is not difficult and every serious trader can make a trading plan. then the hard side of forex is screening and hunting the opportunities at the right time. so, for this reason, I would like to split the job (lol).

I am a full time profit trader. I want to have a friend from England, we can be chat or video chat friends. Let’s share our knowledge and experience. good times

Hi Kilivan, thank you for your interest. I’ve sent you a message but it seems you haven’t got it yet or I didn’t send it properly.