Looking for a good charting program

I am looking for a good charting program, and good broker feed. I started an intellichart program, 100 bucks a month. kinda like it you can get 3 different feeds, IB FXCM and Comstock. Guess its good to have 3 different feeds to look at, but I am still not sold on it. I have also tried Track n Trade, but they only have one feed FXCM.
Can anyone tell me some good companies for feeds and charting.
Also if someone could help me on old back charting systems, Intellichart has a good tick back chart on a 1 min but they miss a lot of mins. Meaning you will see like 12:00 then 12:02. Ok if you miss a min, then your indicators will be off right? If the RSI is on a 14 bar look back then if it is missing a piece to that puzzle it throws everything off. I emailed them but nothing back from them yet.

I’d also be interested in hearing a honest opinion about this guys. I’m just starting forex and I’m kinda out in the dark here so a little help would be much appreciated.

Best Regards,
Matt Jones .


Metatrader is one of the more common retail platforms, its easy to setup and use.

Others are gfts dealbook 360

and Saxobanks - Saxotrader.


Give MT4 a go. Lots of free goodies (not that you need any) but some come in handy.