Looking for a good signal provider

I have been looking for a good signal provider with no real luck. Does anyone here use one or know of a possible good one? I did come across a site called pfxiforex.net which offers signals, has anyone used them?

I have went through about 8 providers so far.:confused:

The efficacy of signals is over-rated. I posted an example of how I totally screwed up my signals but managed to come out of a trade unscathed here… Paul Lam | 4 fundamental entry signs for trading and why they are not that important

I also recommend reading and learning from pro trader blogs (not mine). You can see my blogroll for some recommendations at the lower end of my blog’s sidebar.

Thanks. I have been using pfxiforex for a few weeks and they seem to be really good so far. They have a free trade room and post their signals on the fourm.

As always learning to trade on your own is the best way.

How successful do you expect to be following the crowd?

Probably he would be very a successful forex trader if all he did was follow the crowd.
In fact if you knew what the crowd was going to do and did nothing but follow you would have the holy grail of forex trading sitting right there in your lap !!
The best forex signal would be one that is (as some other people who post on this forum call it} “a self fullfilling prophecy” In other words so many people believe its accuracy they all trade according to its signals therefore causing the market to follow the prophecy by majority rule.

History shows the crowd gets in too late. Did you confuse follow the crowd with follow the leader?

When you say “follow the crowd”, that phrase obviously means to do as the majority does.
The buying or selling activities of “the crowd” is what forces the price to move in whichever direction it moves in, if you do the same thing the majority you are going to make a successful trade.
It is when you try to go against the crowd, as in, to open a buy position when the majority is selling. That is when the price moves against you and you lose…

I will be following the crowd this week with a sell on USD/CHF for a possible retrace to 1.0400 area. :slight_smile:

So far I’m doing good following the crowd. pfxiforex has been good so far.:slight_smile:

Most people lose their money because the follow the WRONG crowd. The crowd you want to follow are the banks. When traders recommend a way to go then I would do the opposite.

I used to work at a forex brokerage and the biggest mistake people make is following the retail noobie crowd and try to catch the bottoms and tops.

Just remember it is hard to stop a train. (banks are the train) they don’t just turn around in few hours.

I personally think that a good trading signals needs its own discovery, because the market is a multi-change.

The first person to be oyster meat, and that the second person can only get the shell.

well you can find some good good traders on zulutrade, some can be worth to follow, others not so much it all depends on your risk appetite and investment strategies.

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I think that trading needs to have his own ideas, to really make money

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New threads rising everyday for Zulu trade. Maybe these guys have accounts on Zulu trades and trying to promote them.
I only know one thing about Zulu trade that one of my friends lost 5k 01 years back.

Some do, others are just followers. Usually those that wanna promote does it via the official forum on zulutrade - here you know it is more about discussions - settings providers and stuff like this.