Looking for a reliable and honest broker/ platform


I’m currently looking for a reliable and honest broker or platform to do my trades and I need some helps.

Below here is some of my “wish list” that the platform can do. it is not necessary the platform can do all these, but ideally it should.

  1. trade volume/ lots from 0.1 up to 30
  2. no commission
  3. fixed and low spread fee
  4. segregated account
  5. fixed margin if possible
  6. initial deposit will be around 20 to 30k usd
  7. my trades will be focus in xauusd for now

if anyone need any further clarifications, please do comment. Please forgive my poor English, and please help. Will deeply appreciated.


These days, I feel safer with brokers that are very transparent. I did some research on some big brokers, but found out that they are very difficult to trade with. You might want to consider brokers that allows scalping and don’t place too many restrictions on how you should trade. Also, brokers that meet the requirement you stated. Use review sites to narrow your search.

I think i agree with you on that one, a good broker should be transparent, what you see on the site should be you get on the platform. Also i appreciate a broker’s execution speed withdrawal’s, how easy is it? Then you can also think of their spread.

read this thread xiaobai5883:


Maybe will answer ur question advanced one :wink:

Hey guys~!

sorry for the late reply. Thank you so much for the replies. I’ll go and check it out.


I will recommend you to go for BJF Trading Group scalping strategies one of the most trusted broker with a very good and reliable scalping strategy.

You can try out FXPRIMUS Practice Account (FXPRIMUS The Safest Place To Trade) and talk to their customer support if you need any help. It’s not easy to find genuinely honest and reliable brokers but from my experience, they are.