Looking for a Unicorn. Brokers that support MT5 & take US Clients

Hi Forum,

I am looking for what some refer to as a unicorn lol. Looking for FX brokers that accept US clients and support MT5 / offer MT5 accounts.

I know of :

  • AAFX
  • Coinexx
  • Turnkey

Are there any other ones that you guys know of?
What are your experiences with the above?

I’d kindly ask people who have larger accounts 5k+ and are profitable to respond. I am not trying to be rude or mean. Mainly because unless you are trading a large account and are profitable, from the reviews i have read any broker works. The reviews I read are mainly affect traders that are profitable (thats when they ■■■■ with you) or when you want to withdrawal big money is when things get funky

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I also recommend Tenkofx, been around long enough and still maintains good reputation. I use this broker and can tell it is very comfortable.

Being a forex trader, I am happy trading with MT4. Not sure about using MT5.

If you are looking for a broker that offers MT5 platform, then you should definitely go with Turnkey Forex. They not just offer MT5, but also Act Trader and MT4 and have cryptos available for trading on all 3 platforms. Coinexx is also good but I am not sure if they offer crypto trading on MT4 (but since you are interested only in MT5, so it doesn’t matter).

I have personally used only Turnkey Forex from the list you mentioned and I have a far bigger account than 5k and never faced any issue with Turnkey, while most of my friends are with Coinexx. XM is another good option for brokers providing MT5 but their spreads are very high.