Looking for Excel Analysis Worksheet

Hi All,
After trading forex for a couple years now, I’m finally realizing the importance of money management over trading system importance. A system is useless without a trading plan to watch over your balance. Which leads me to my request, does anyone have or know where I may find an Excel macro that would allow me to do the following:

1: Enter starting Capital (Account Balance)
2: Enter Ending Balance or Goal (Account Total) based on time frame i.e. 1 - 52
Weeks or more
3: Weekly Profit or Goal (% or $n)
4: Trades per Day / Pips per trade / Profit per Day in pips necessary to reach the Goal

Spreadsheet would show;
1 $2000.00 $92.37 5 pips $18.47 1 0.2 lots
… � � � � … �
9 $2870.07 $132.55 7 $26.51 1 0.3
… � � � � … �
31 $7749.35 $357.89 18 $71.58 4 0.9
And so on.
Fill in the windows with, Starting Acct 2000.00 / ending balance 20000 / 52 week time frame
Weekly profit goal 4.62 %, initial trade size 2 (100k) ,

One could then enter a starting balance and some ending balance to be reached in the future. Based on how much money you have you would have trade size adjust upward or downward according to your daily or weekly success.
Giving yourself a visual trade plan would help tremendously in staying disciplined to your goal.

Uh, I’m confused. You claim that you have a newfound understanding that risk management is the key to success. That’s good. But then you turn around and ask for a way to plot out a path to a specific predetermined return. Those things strike me as being contradictory.

The bane of most traders is that they think in terms of how much they can make rather than how much they can lose. Maybe I’m off here, but you seem to be doing the same thing.

I think i get what you’re asking for, but like Rhodytrader said, it cannot be used to guarantee some return.

I have made use of a spreadsheet like the one you are suggesting but i use it in the context of determining what i can expect in terms of win/loss distribution for my tested system. In other words, if my trading system has tested 60% accuarcy, with avg wins of 95 pips and average losers of 85 pips, while risking 1% per trade and a starting balance of 10,000.

I can plug in those statistics and let the spreadsheet carry it forward for 1000 trades to see what kind of distribution i can expect going forward. Just because the system is 60% accurate does not mean i can never sustain significant losing streaks or drawdowns. Sometimes a 60% system will suffer from 6 losses in a row. What i use this spreadsheet for is to ESTIMATE how often that particular distribution is likely to happen and what the most significant drawdown is LIKELY to be. In the end, it helps me make risk decisions. If you run that 1000-trade simulation several times, you are able to make reasonable estimates as far as how your system’s win/loss distribution will look like.

But make no mistake, it is no guarantee at all of your final bottom line. It strictly helps me deal with the statistical possibilities of my system. Being aware of these possibilities, in turn, provides me with the basis on which i can start questioning my rules or my behavior when those statistics start to skew.

I created something very similar to that at:

Risk Management Tool - Anduril Analytics