Looking for fellow malaysian traders

good morning, hello everyone. im looking for any malaysian traders here. im a malay myself and currently living in jeju island. been trading for ten years now. would love to meet other malaysian traders and share some experience here. thanks and happy trading

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My uncle works as a Malaysian trader, I can give you his contacts if you still need them

lovely, thank you. just want to share some experience though.

Malaysian Trader here. Hi.

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Hi. How’s your trading journey?

so far making profit, by the grace of my friend who has been helping with a profittable strategy. Where do you stay man. we could meet up.

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Can’t at the moment. I’m currently in jeju island. Lets meetup when i get back bro

I am not from Malaysia but I am sure that you will find a lot of Malaysian traders here. Good luck with your search.

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I am from Singapore, is that close enough?