Looking for Forex Analyst Help

A member of the forex analyst team I’m part of was injured in rather serious fashion last week. It’s bad enough that my employer - the IFR Markets group of Thomson Reuters - is looking to fill his position on at least a temporary basis. The proposal has been put forth to hire someone on a three month contract basis, though there is a chance that it could become something permanent, depending on how things fall out.

Basically, we need someone who can step right in without much ramp up time. The following are some of the credentials involved:

[li]Good writing skills
[/li][li]Several years market experience
[/li][li]Understanding of how short-term events impact price action
[/li][li]Market contacts to pick up flow information
[/li][li]Ability to work on a real-time basis
[/li][li]Located in either the NYC or Boston area

While we don’t expect to be able to find a person with decades of experience as we’re losing, we definitely want someone with experience who understands the forex market well and can communicate what’s happening and what the future may bring to our primarily institutional readership.

If you or someone you know might fit the bill, please contact me.