Looking for french or english speaking learning partner!


Everything is said in the title, I am completing my way through the school of Pipsology and if anyone is interested in learning and discussing what we learn, I would be please to lak and discuss with you :slight_smile:


You may find that many new members are too shy to reply directly. Try to make your proposal more attractive by explaining what you expect you and the other partner can gain by partnering that neither of you could achieve alone. You are more likely to attract somebody’s interest. Examples may be:

Frequency of communicating. Do you want daily contact, weekly, monthly?
Do you want to set an agenda with a fierce timescale (say, complete Babypips within 2 weeks) or do you want a less aggressive timescale.
Do you intend to do all the quizzes, and compare the scores with your partner. do you want to re-quiz until you get 100% on all quizzes?

Just a few examples. Best of luck with finding a partner of similar path on the same journey as you.


Hellooo. :blush: Welcome. :smiley: I’ve already finished studying the School of Pipsology but I bet there are a lot of people here who are willing to discuss with you! :blush: I definitely agree with Mondeoman. :smiley: Still, I hope you get to find someone to discuss your learnings with. :blush: Good luuuuck!

Sure sir why not?