Looking for help from a Excel wizard


I’m looking for someone who is very good at using excel to help me build an excel spread sheet template, for recording trades in and then have that same spread sheet do all the work in breaking down which pairs worked best, what worked and what didn’t how well it worked which reversals worked and so on… anyone who would could help me with this would have my eternal gratitude and also a very awesome spread sheet to aid them in their back/forward testing and journaling.


Depending on what all you are looking to do, it might be even cooler to do it in a Google Spreadsheet that can be shared. You could even make a Google Form that populates a spreadsheet with a pivot table and enter the data on a phone with ease. I am still an accountant with spreadsheet nerd status. All that said, you could just use myfxbook.


I suggest you run a few online searches and get the job done yourself. Not sure how many really care about your eternal gratitude. Instead of waiting I suggest acting, but that is only my opinion. Maybe someone will come around if you wait long enough.


Hi Adrain

Google spread sheet sounds like a great idea with ability to share it around making it even more relevant. I’ve got a heap of work done on this spreadsheet already but it’s getting to the point of needing some macros programmed. I already use Myfxbook for live trading and as far as I can tell I can’t connect myfxbook to my analysis software Market Analyst or even use myfxbook for back testing data…

Hey Adrian.

Seems you and I may have a few more things in common than simply analysing price charts. Nice beat boxing man I once had an old friend of mine completely rearrange my reality when he was beatboxing while i was well… Looking Skyward Dreaming and breathing deeply upon a cream dispenser.

His name is Adrian as well.

Well I have theory since you brought it up. The conscious portion of the mind does not experience the regulation of our heart for example, a great many other involuntary functions of the body are regulated by portions of the brain and nervous system that are never connected to the conscious mind. And under certain rare circumstances a connection can be made by the conscious mind to some part of the brain that regulates involuntary functions or processes, albeit those of a much higher order and closer in the brain to the prefrontal cortex than a control center for an involuntary organ.

In such cases, one can experience a sense of contact with a separate consciousness and can perhaps become overwhelmed by its relentless grip on control. Many describe the experience as a visit with a deity or intergalactic being. Less intense examples are described as a general feeling of a loss of control. Panic and despair can result.

But breathing techniques can do a lot to bring the conscious mind back to control and harmony with the other portions of the brain. Isn’t it interesting that simply exercising specific control over a vital function shared by conscious and subconscious portions of the brain put the conscious and subconscious back into harmony?

Beatboxing is a much more specific and intricate implementation of such a practice and therefore suits the occasion well. It is like chanting or singing but with a bit more demanding control of the lungs. It is a state of conscious and unconscious unity.