Looking for history scenario scanner/indicator

Hello guys,

How you know the history scenarios , moves repeating itself in trading , do you know any scanner/indicator or something else where i can checking: For example: i scan the last 2 week XAU/USD moves and in the past where was the same scenario(for example 2010.05.01-05.15 , 2013.07.01-2013.07.15 etc…)
its could be a huge help for us (retail traders) in the future.





I hope I am getting your question right. If you want to check if any recent move (a combination of ups and downs) happened in the past before you can do that by:

  • finding a trading platform with significant capabilities (what you are asking is not easy to do everywhere) and program it or have somebody else code it for you
  • manually - slow process but will give you a better understanding of the moves you seek
  • You can try Timingsolution.
  • If I remember correctly Tradenavigator also has such functionality, although limited to some extent.

Since I am not using the last two at the moment I can only tell you what I remember. Before you use those it will be wiser to ask them if they can offer what you need.

Good luck