Looking for investors for PAMM account

Hello, guys.

I am looking for investors for my PAMM account.

(Test environment: MT5)

It is operating only fully EA without human emotion or desire.

The most priory factor is safety!

EA does not use risky strategies such as martingale, grid as well as HFT scalping, etc.

Again, SAFETY is the most important!

It is suitable for long-term investors. (minimum 6 months)

Obviously, much better than a deposit on your bank.


EA will trade on EUR/CHF only.

Due to low volatility and less volume, it will open trade during the Asian session.

EA is using a Trailing Stop which is more effective.

All opened positions must close in a day.

Risk Management:

Leverage - Up to 1:100 (current 1:25) // Considered under ASIC or FCA regulation.

Auto Lot - 0.01 (ex $1,000 - 0.1lot

                                                                    $10,000   - 1lot

                                                                    $100,000 - 10lot )

Trailing Stop - Enable


Monthly Profit - 10% ~ 30%

MDD - Below 20% // (current 12.93%) - ACHIEVED

Profit Factor - Over 1.2 // (current 1.72) - ACHIEVED

Recovery Factor - Over 1.2 // (current 3.70) - ACHIEVED

Sharp Ratio - Over 0.5 // (current 0.21) - This is because of Swap fees, as I mentioned above, EA will open trade during the Asian session which means it may charge Swap fees, which is an effect on the Sharp Ratio. However, I am trying to figure out to get more advanced performance.

If you are interested in my PAMM project, Join here:

Best regards,

Seems a sensible EA. So how much is it?

Thanks for your comment :slight_smile: you can join my PAMM account with minimum 100€

http.s://www.forextime.com/strategy/Reislaufer-De?raf=ab59e509 << delete .(dot) between http and s then you can have a look.

It is suitable for a long-term investor(minimum 6 months) there are some losing periods but it will keep makes profits.

My computer cannot find your site.

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Sorry for that, I was a new user level but I’ve just got a trust level. Now I can post a link

Nice indicator.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: actually, it is a fully EA PAMM account

Trading is a risky business. I am not sure whether there are any traders who would like to take the risk.

Invest only that money that you won’t need in the coming time. Don’t put pressure on yourself by taking investments from others.

I’m not opposed to EAs but when you can take care of your trades on your own, why do you need someone else to do the job for you? I mean, how do you expect some technical bot to place trade with as much attention and deliberation as you would do?

Update 23/04/2021

Hello, guys please do not invest in FXTM, I am planning to transfer to other brokers that I got pretty good offers from them. I will update soon!


here is my new backtesting result with MetaQuotes Software Corp MT5 test environment (real-time spread + slippage adjusted).

from 04/2015 - 04/2021. Why I tested from 04/2015 is that no meaning to test before starting the Francogeddon.

I am planning that I will provide free signals for demo testing for investors. If you guys satisfy, you can join my PAMM.

will update soon, stay tuned!

Thank you.

Thats right, FX is a risky market. however, without risks… you cannot take profits…

without bee’s attack, you cannot gain the honey…

Hello, thanks for your comment!

You may be curious that if my EA is pretty sure to make profits, why do I not do it alone.

This is because we could consider PAMM’s advantages.

First, we can share the profits and also share the risks with each other.

Second, could gather high capital volume to operate better profits.

As you know, the FX market is quite risky, it is better to put some spare money rather than put the whole of your money. But if I only put my spare money, profit will be less but also have to take all risks alone.

However, if a lot of people join PAMM with their spare money, the running volume of capital will be bigger, which means profits will be bigger as well. Even risks will be shared.

This is my strategy of back testing.

The testing environment is MetaQuotes Software Corp (real-time spread + slippage adjusted) which means much more reliable than the MT4 environment.

I tested from 04/2015 to 04/2021

Why I tested from 04/2015 is that there is no meaning to test before starting the Francogeddon.


I will explain my strategy in more detail.

My strategy’s main key is open trade only during the Asian session. This is because during the Asian session, there is low volatility and it tends to return to average price especially on EURCHF.

From the test result, you can see

Profit Factor - 4.38
Recovery Factor - 6.86
Winning rate - 97.91%

Of course, this result is based on historical data. No one knows the future.

I DO NOT use too risky strategies such as Martingale, Grid, or HFT Scalping, etc…

But, my strategy is also a bit aggressive and risky, but much better than those strategies that I mentioned above.

As you know, in Martingale strategy, there is a limitation to open trade lots (of course, if you have unlimited money, you could open lots unlimited as well), so if you open against the trend, you may lose all of your funds.

But, my strategy, open only once and use the lowest leverage which is 1:25 only. And using SL is 500 pips. I know what you are worrying about. it is pretty high SL pips right ??

You can think easily, martingale or grid could lose all of your funds, but my strategy could lose a maximum of 40% to 50% of your initial funds.

However, as you can see from the test results, It only happened once around 6 to 7 years. mostly lost ( 14 on test results ) are because of swap fees + commissions when you are holding a position.

Also, it may hold the position for a few days to a few months.

As a result, it is suitable for long-term traders who have patients.

Any questions, please do not hesitate.

You have an extremely low Sharpe ratio. For funds to be considered performing well, they need to have at least above 1 for Sharpe ratio. That is for non-leveraged funds. Considering your PAMM is leveraged, it simply makes things worse. This PAMM has a Sharpe ratio of less than 0.3. Basically, you are exposing your clients to a lot of risk for the returns they are getting. Sorry for being a naysayer, but this PAMM is destined to implode. The PAMM manager is simply exposing clients to all kinds of risk just to get the returns.

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Hello, thanks for your comment!, Yes my aim is at least over 0.5 Sharp ratio.
However, the reason why less Sharp ratio is as I mentioned above, the trade will open in the Asian session.

which means even could open between 00:00 and 01:00 when the New York market is closed, as you know, during this period, spreads will widen and also could happen lots of slippages (due to low liquidity) and could be charged swap fees, these factors are effect on Sharp ratio. Also, I’m using a 1:25 leverage only.

please refer below image

this is my another test result on EURUSD without trading between 00:00 and 01:00 this shows a well-enough sharp ratio but much fewer total trades than the previous one. You can compare it with Total Trades.

Best regards,

That’s something that I never thought about. Trading and investing both are very risky and you must take the risks with your own money. I never suggest taking money from someone and putting it in the market at risk. Instead of doing that, earn before you invest.

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Thanks for your comment. First, I totally agree with your opinion that trading is very risky. That is reason why I am open PAMM which can share the both profits & risks.

Also, I provide minimum deposit which is only $100 to join. Anyone can have a look the results until they satisfy, then they can put more funds whatever they want.

this is real account result (500 eur start) from 1st April till current.

so far, never lost and mdd is around 1% only.


this is myfxbook.


Best regards,