Looking for mentor/ trading buddies, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hi I’m 1 year into my FX journey I’ve done a few courses watched a ton of videos and webinars and feel like I understand the core concepts of trading pretty good now. I’ve been working on backtesting a few different strategies focusing on the higher time frames, but it is a lonely business.

I’m 32 living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It would be awesome to meet a successful trader or even other traders at a similar level to shoot questions and ideas.

I don’t know if this is the best place to ask but if you are interested please get in touch.
Thank you,

I am interested alot of minds =alot of ideas and chances

Hey, how has your forex trending journey been so far? We’re you able to find a broker?

Hi There. Are you still involved with trading? I am a fulltime trader based out of Calgary. However, I cant find anyone to network with. Most traders seem to be out east in Toronto or NY. Let me know. Cheers

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Hi, yes I still trade.
I know what you mean, trading can be a lonely business.

What do you trade?

I have a few funded accounts with prop firms - trading mainly Nasdaq futures and EU & GU.
All other traders I know in Calgary are recreational and long term. No serious day traders.

How about you?

Also Nasdaq and many forex pairs plus bitcoin. Would be great to meet up if your interested.

Sorry for the late response I don’t come on here often.

yeah buddy just send me an email and we’ll plan a meet. I also trade NAS and US30. I used to trade more forex but the indices better align with my setups during NY session.

just send me a private DM

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Trading is a one man sport like poker. check out my videos on YOUTUBE. Cheers!