Looking for ranging FX

Hey there, I’m currently trading breakouts on daily charts. (demo trading)

Can anyone help me identify an FX where the market has been ranging for months?

Of course I can’t trade all ranging markets, so I’d like a little subjective input on which ones you would be most confident in seeing a breakout. I’m aware nobody has a crystal ball!! :51::51: I’m just counting on your experience !

I noticed that I have missed many breakouts, gold, copper, oil, platinum. I assume I’ll have to wait a while before expecting a new one.


The very nature of a breakout - at least the ones that I presume you’re looking to trade - is that there’s a strong unexpected element to them. As such, basically all you can do is monitor the charts of the markets you’re looking to trade and maybe have entry orders in place in the ones where ranges have been at work so you don’t miss a move.

Hello Frederic

Currencies: Check Eur/Chf and AUD/CAD (ranging for months).
Commodities: Natural Gas has been ranging since January.

Thanks for the replies, I was already in on EURCHF and making a decent amount in floating profit so far.

I also had pending orders setup for NatGas.

So I guess my eye isn’t that bad for a newbie haha.

I will give AUDCAD a shot with some pending orders thanks!

I have room for maybe one more instrument, tips are welcome :slight_smile:

Interesting replies, I will find ranging