Looking for Semi-Automated Algorithmic Traders

I am a full-time Semi-Automated algorithmic trader. I like to connect with like-minded traders to research, develop as well as to share knowledge with each other. Thanks


do you write your own code?

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Hi and welcome to the forum. When you have had time to browse around the forum and read some historical posts, you may consider opening up a new topic in the Trading Systems section of the forum and invite other members to contribute on the subject matter of your choice. I am sure that the subject of algorithmic trading will be useful to a lot of Babypips members.

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Yes, I am able to code in mql and pine script language. But I am not an expert on both languages ( Cannot code complex systems on my own, therefore I hire coders when I can’t continue ) , because I am not a coder.

Thanks for the wise idea. I will open a thread.