Looking for Simple EA

Hello guys. I am looking for super simple EA and i am pretty sure there is already a bunch with similar settings - I need it to open a long position on bullish candle, short on bearish candle, settings for SL in pips from the entry candle; settings for TP in RR and maybe time to trade and number of trades;
Thanks in advance everyone!

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Have you tested this strategy? I’m not sure it will work very well.

Hi, it is custom EA, I highly doubt that you will find exact EA at the internet. Regards Greg

Thank you!

Of course It’s not supposed to take trade on every candle. That’s where the time filter and number of trades comes to play :slight_smile: I want the EA so I can backtest larger sample of data. Manually I am limited on data + it will take forever.


There is an alternative that I use. MACD histogram bars on a 3-10-16 set up.

Is that an EA?

Think of the MACD histogram bars as a mood meter. If they’re above zero, the market’s feeling positive. Below zero? Not so cheerful. The taller the bar, the stronger the feeling. And if the bars show something different from what the price is doing, we might be in for a surprise change soon.

As I said, it is an alternative to a EA. And much better, IMO.

Sorry, but I really cannot understand how is it alternative - MACD is indicator. I am talking about bot (EA)

Thank you! I know what MACD is. But I am looking for bot, not indicator!

The bot would duplicate what the MACD does. But never mind, you carry on with your EA request, which would cost you.

Best of luck.

So, you need to program that bot yourself or find someone who can program it for you, because there is no EA out there like that, at least I haven’t seen one. Also, if you can use the indicator freely, why would you pay for such a thing?

Sorry, But I really cannot understand how is it duplicating it. Maybe I miss something…


Because as I said - I want to backtest a strategy I have in mind with the MT5 strategy tester. With this EA I will be able to test the results for few years back.


Okay, so I recommend not opening a new thread. Just look for ones where programmers have already offered to work. You’ll probably find someone to do the job for you there.

What about numerous trading robots, free or paid that you can find on the metaquotes market website? Did you look there?
I think they have a pretty decent amount of EAs for any taste and budget. But you need to choose wisely and maybe try and test some of them with trial testing or something.

I’m telling this because EAs markets like that one have a solid collection of very simplified trading bots. And if you need something too fancy, then you need to go and code your own custom one.