Looking for software/Broker

hi! i am new and nob…and i trying to find a platform to trade with longer than trials or demos or something like that.
like…i would like to take trading more professional. i got time to learn but i think i need someones help to real get this started!
i think i am looking for a real ecn, ndd, with level2 md, and something like micro accounts ?! is this possible?

If you are new and looking for start trading, I guess you should make a check list of “things to do” first. Make some initial research on brokers you wish to go with. I guess you should shortlist few decent brokers and open demo accounts with them.

Start trading with their demo account and learn meanwhile about trading as it seems to be easy but earning with trading is not that much easier as it looks like. After few days of trading these demo accounts you will be able to compare these brokers. Try to compare their pros and cons, read their reviews. Once you get confidence of winning, you will be able to decide which broker best suits your needs. Open live account with it and start by investing small amount to check the further processes of that selected broker.

As for your software question, if you are looking for an EA then just study the EA (as I’m not an EA expert), if you have plans to go full automated. I guess EA(s) are hard to trust if you are not a developer.

whats EA?! (ill search it)…
i have opened several (a few :)) acounts on demo… and 2 on live(mini) roboforex and xtb, and, im about to open another in fxcm. i am very apprehensive about dealing desks but, i cant find anything that seems trustworthy, and, that allows mini/micro accounts. its so confusing…omg! And on top of it all, the platforms, omg…the platforms… So many trash that i have installed. advices on brokers and “systems” are much apreciated.
Finally… i think ill move from ctrader to tradestation since i dont like the tws colors :)!
many traders use mt4… i kind understand it but…no thkz! … maybe im wrong. am i ?
many thanks for your hints!
hopping for more info!

i am not a developer but i do fine with most code. and…i like to learn things!

Welcome to forum, SirRichardTheFirst :slight_smile:

EA is short for Expert Advisor. It’s the term used for automated strategies on the MT4 platform. Since you can code, you may be interested to know that in addition to MT4, FXCM offers Trading Station and NinjaTrader which can also run automated strategies.

In fact, your MT4 account login will allow you to use both MT4 and Trading Station to place trades on your account. Please let me know if you have any questions about your FXCM demo in the Broker Aid Station.

FXCM offers No Dealing Desk (NDD) forex execution on Standard accounts, and DD execution on Mini accounts. Note that both these accounts types allow you to trade micro lots and risk as little as 10 cents per pip. The difference is the minimum to open a Standard account is $2000, while the minimum to open a Mini account is $50.

At FXCM, we believe NDD execution is the most fair and transparent model we can provide to traders because each of your orders is offset immediately with the best prices from competing liquidity providers. That means, we don’t profit from your losses or lose from your profits. Instead, we profit from your trading volume via the commission.

As with any market maker, FXCM faces market risk on the as a result of entering into trades with you on the DD model used for Mini accounts. That’s why we reserve the right to switch an account from DD to NDD execution, if a particular trading style presents a greater risk to the dealing desk than it wants to manage.

The fact that we have this option to switch DD accounts to NDD to manage risk means that FXCM doesn’t have to resort to dealer intervention practices that may occur with some market makers that only offer DD execution with no NDD alternative to manage their risk. That’s why you might sometimes see excessive spread widening during news events with such DD-only firms.