Looking for system for trading 5 minute charts

Does anyone has a good system for trading 5 minute charts. I am currently using 20 dma and 100 dma on the 5 minute chart on a demo. I am also looking for a system to trade on 15, and 30 minute charts as well. I have found that I am a short term trader. Any advice would be appreciated.

i have a 5min system that i use sometimes, reason i say sometimes is im pretty new to this and havent built enough confidense. im convinced that this system is over 50% accurate if you know the ins and outs, it may require alot of time, it depends. a good goal for this system is 100 pips a week, or more, and trust me more can be made, when i say 100 it can be directly related to $$$, so if you play with 2 mini lots, its 200 pips per week or 200$

join SKYPE if you want to know more. my user name is yfz450bence, i can give some examples on the metatrader chart.

Hey Guys.

Try forexjournal.com OR Ultimate FOREX Profits - The Chart Way: System: BollBounce - Simple Swing Trading

They are quite good, but they work best for me on Hourly/Daily charts:p

Hope it helps Guys!
Good Luck:cool:

Whatever method you are going to use i would stick to a currency with very low spread like Eur/usd.I am thinking your going to scalp with 5 min charting.

Yes! the 3 ducks is a great simple method…

There is an older thread here @ babypips on the 3 ducks take a look at it!