Looking for teammate

I am trying to learn English. I am full time Profitable currency trading. I am looking for a friend to share my ideas with chat and video chat friend.

You can visit the educational section of babypips to learn many new things about forex.

I am an expert in Forex. I’m getting snow every month. I’m just looking for overseas friends. I can share my experience about fx with him.

Making a good trading strategy can make you profitable.

DM for cooperation.

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hello how can i message you

I think answering questions and engaging in discussions on the forum should be great for developing your English comprehension.

As a subject matter expert you’d not only try to simplify things but also in an unfamiliar language, which will accelerates your learning curve. Not to mention you’re forced to adapt to the trading & english comprehension levels of multiple people, instead of just one, which makes it more challenging.

Hi, how are you?

I am good, how are you.