Looking for the BEST broker

Hello everyone. I have a forex.com account right now but they dont offer two types of trading tools that I personally think I would make substantial profits, which are scalping and hedging.

to all my fellow babypips.com member, who do you guys recommend as a top broker that allow scalping, hedging and any other methods that i’m unaware of. Once again, im new to the game so please dont shot me down.


I am personally trading from Australia. I use the GFT trading platform but my broker is not GFT. The trading platform is an absolute gem as far as writing programs goes - it is the best as far as i am concerned. It is so simple to use and you can do anything you like with it. The setting out is absolute first class. You aims could be well served by GFT.

However, i am told that when fundamental news comes out slippage becomes a real problem with them. My own broker was good to me and advised me not to trade the fundamentals or i would risk losing money.

Others more experienced than me will tell you how to handle the fundamental new releases.:slight_smile:

Kind regards, Tymen Wortel, Western Australia.

Looking for good broker???
I really recommended you to open STP account in MAYZUS broker. Mayzus is great broker and absolutely regulated legal broker in EUROPE. Using STP, it can possible you to DIRECT TRADE to INTERBANK…

How many brokers are you going to recommend on this forum? This is at least 4 that I know youve suggested, they cant all be the best

You need a Forex Broker with Fast NDD execution. An ECN/STP broker could give you the best trading conditions. Yes, you can Hedge and Scalp, but always read the conditions about this so that you don’t end up wasting your time.

Looking for a good forex broker. I am currently trading with Investex broker. Investex offers 30% bonus of first deposit with Zero fees on deposit and flexible leverage with fixed spread. So i would say it is best choice.

…they survived last year’s Swiss National Bank / Swiss Franc catastrophe when others (e.g. Alpari) went bust.

Also, they allow any trading style. Minimum deposit: 50 currency units. Jason Rogers has a page on BabyPips all for FXCM questions and support, as he is the official rep for that broker. Really good customer support. Great for newbies, plus TONS of trading videos and articles over on DailyFX, their research arm.

I have been with them since Sep. 2012…demo, then live… Great platforms, stable prices, low spreads… But I am not a scalper… You can open up a demo account with them and see how you like it…

I recommend USGFX, Australian broker, ASIC/FSP regulated.
Collaborate with the largest bank in AUS, Commonwealth bank.
Have trust bank account, clients’ money is 100% safe.
STP/ECN account & hybrid account available; also tight spread account mainly for EA.