Looking for the following indicators/apps


Currently I am using MT4 but I would like to do more stuff with the platform than the default MT4 allows me. I would like to know if these are available for MT4 as indicators or there are other trading platforms that have them. I am looking for the following apps/indicators:

[B]1. Email alerts[/B] - I would like to receive alters on my email when a price level is reached, instead of watching the charts all day
[B]2. Daily percentage change of pairs[/B] - how much a currency pair changed in percentages since the daily open
[B]3. Plotting indicators over indicators[/B] - I would like to add a moving average over my Volume indicator
[B]4. Closing a percentage of my trade[/B], instead of closing certain lot sizes.
[B]5. Average entry price[/B] - seeing the average price of all my entries if I have many trades with the same pair.

Thanks in advance.