Looking for Trade Ideas for the rest of the week


I am fairly new to forex and I am having trouble placing more accurate trades because I keep getting stopped from fake outs.

Thanks for any advise.

Dude no one is going to say what to buy / sell… in case they’re wrong. The best thing to do is keep an eye out for pin bars on the daily or 4hr time frames. That’s what I did when I first started and then just kept studying and now I’m experienced and skilled with more advanced techniques such as S&R, trendlines and news etc

You also need to define your strategy so it works for you. Are you a scalper? Momentum trader? trend trader? how long are you looking at holding your positions? I was getting stopped out every single trade until I made a couple of minor tweaks to my strategy and am now much more profitable.

I suggest you spend more time learning then. Nobody will give you their trades so you need to learn/practice until you determine what works for you or does not work for you. You said you are fairly new? It takes years to learn and there is no substitute for that.