Looking for trader that we can learn from each other please read the description:

-I use demo about 1 year and i’m not ready yet to start with real money until i get the max of information about the forex market.
-I trade with support and resistance mainly .
-i prefer to confirm my trade idea or know why they are false better than geting pip’s for now.
-i’m looking for guy’s That share with me the same concept so that we can talk more about it and learn from each other.
- i’m serious at my trade .
hope to see your comment :blush: :blush:

Hello SSamado I am also on the same boat as you are. I would also like somewhat of a team or simply just trader friends because at the moment I don’t have any. What do you say we team up?

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@BBHAlpha , Yes bro you are very welcome

Hi Ssamado I can help you if you still need someone to share tips with

Hello Ssamado, it’s a relief to have come across with someone who shares the same thoughts. I always thought I’m too scared to invest real money in comparison to those who entered the trade later. It’s always better to share thoughts and knowledge.

Yes, i agree with you the more important is the long term