Looks like a lot of people are interested in BTC again? :)

I think people are once again becoming interested in BTC because I saw like 5 of my Facebook friends post about crypto in the past couple of days. :sweat_smile: I got curious and read about it. :open_mouth: It seems like the industry is gaining more and more support from high-profile investment companies like BlackRock. :thinking: Are you guys thinking about diving into it this time around? :smiley:


I never left, haha


Me too, and I have just completed a busy three weeks of new strategy and plan to hone the risky edge of my crypto portfolio. It is now funded up till June 2024 and I have traded into ten trades with an estimated further 10 to go in February or March.

Whilst 80% of our crypto holdings will be firmly assigned to BTC and ETH (well, perhaps XRP / ADA too), the other 20% is on a wild journey identifying low cap tokens that could do 100x to 1,000X within 2 years.

It is meant to be a lot of fun, and in this respect, I have already reconciled that the entire component of this part of our crypto investment may disappear to zero. However ,the reward / risk ratio is intended to be โ€œout of this worldโ€. In fact, to the moon. :slight_smile:

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Good luck as always.

I left and came back in the later half of last year, and have realized exceptional gains since returning.

Iโ€™ve focused on some OG L1s from the last bull runs and several newcomers.

Itโ€™s getting interesting!

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Yup. ETF approval has the market buzzing.

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