Lot size calculation?

Hello, can someone tell me the formula for how to calculate the lot size given stoploss, takeprofit, etc.?

asked before but the “community” decided to declare it as spam with their “community tags” and stuffand was hidden. thanks for that.
so I wont put any effort in this question again.

so yeah, can someone tell me the formula most lot size calculators use?

These links may help?

After some trying, I think the formula is like this:
lot size=(balancerisk)/(contr. size|(entry_price-sl)|)

where contract size is 100000 for forex pairs and unique for other pairs, like cryptos, godl, etc.

cant link to the lot sze calculator i am talking about since some community idiots would decide to tag it as spam and hide it again, like they did the first time -.-
dickheads -.-

I think one widely used formula is:

Lot Size= Risk Amount/Stop Loss×Pip Value.

With your desired risk amount, stop loss, and pip value into this formula, you can calculate the appropriate lot size for your trade.