Lot size for an account?

What does a 10,000 or 100,000 lot size mean? does it mean u cant but over 100,000 pips per trade? Does it mean u cant buy under? I mean if I get a 10,000 lot size, can I get no more than 10,000? thanks

It means you buy or sell it in groups of that many. Some dealers trade in full lots of 100000, while some let you buy or sell mini lots of 10,000. And some, if I’m remembering right, let you buy or sell micro lots of 1,000.

And it’s not pips related. If you are trading a standard lot of USD/JPY that means your trade size is $100,000. If you’re trading EUR/USD instead, the lot is 100,000 EUR (if EUR/USD is 1.3000, the value of the trade is $130,000).