Lot size per pip

Can someone me tell me why I am only getting $1 per pip on pair gbpusd

I am on a leverage account using 500:1 from what I understand that shouldn’t lower the amount I am getting per pip but it seems to be the same denomination even trading xauusd
1 lot $1
.10 10 cents
.01 1 cent

Can someone explain please thanks

I thought 1lot should be $10

That will need to be your broker’s support staff, I think.

The pip value of all pairs where USD is the quote currency should always be $10, as you say, and it has nothing at all to do with leverage.

First of all, you need to check the contract size of the pair because it may differ with different brokers. Then, check if you are actually opening the trade with 1 standard lot size, not with 0.1 lot size.

Yea I did but I reached out to broker to find out what’s going on thanks

Yes I reached out thanks

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