Lovely being here!1 I am newbie trader. Greetings

Hello Everyone. my name is Karim and i am from Nigeria, currently living in Lagos city. I am a newbie trader and a baby into this trading world. i have completed the courses of school of Pipsology from Babypips. I got to know about trading in Feb and since then i have been learning about this platform. i have been on the journey of learning an online skill and here i am in the trading world and more especially here on Babypips. like i said earlier, i just comlpeted the entire courses on Babypips and i have taken alot of notes while studying the courses. but here i am, feeling stuck and dont know eactly how to start my trading journal. i have undergone some personality surveys on BP… and i have some pairs i am eye-ing snd trying to stick to which are the popular ones, EUR/USD and GBP/USD. And i also wanna stick to swing trading just becuase of other errands i might be running during. i finised my undergrad studies fom uni, as an ENGLISH MAJOR. i need guidience on the specific areas, i need to figure out informations when it comes to NEWS(as i am currently watch bloomberg tv on youtube) and also how to narrow my trading journal and plan. I would be more than grateful if i could get some level of clarity from this amazing Forum. Lokking forward to hearing from you guys as i navigate my trading journey.
I have a huge believe in this trading but im receptive enough to know the ground works of it and also i am all over the place right now with the news, the charts, journals and so on. i am just staring at charts and i have been demo trading recklessly. HELP! HELP!!!

Hi and welcome in the BP community :slightly_smiling_face: so do you want to cooperate with mentor for free? Regards Greg

Yes. i honestly wouldnt mind a Mentor in order to filter all these noises/distraction that comes with the form. A mentor would be much more appreciated and for free :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome, Karim! For your trading journal, simply note down your trades, reasons, and outcomes to learn from each. Focus on major economic news affecting EUR/USD and GBP/USD. Practice disciplined trading in your demo account to build good habits. Don’t hesitate to ask questions here!

Thanks for your response. I plan on not trading today. as i have just finished the entire courses from school of Pipsology. Hence why i will be observing the charts while i am revising from the notes i have jotted down during my study hours. I honestly appreciate your inputs on some questions i asked. i will genuinely take note on that. What i just wrote down on today’s journal was just some of the little frustration i am having as a newbie trader. i also wrote down how i will be observing the charts only today and not placing any trade while i will be trying to figure things out gradually. Don’t know if that’s a good idea and approach to trading.

this topic Read this post before asking for a mentor will be good for you :wink:

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed with all the information and tools out there. Take it one step at a time and remember, demo trading is all about learning, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Good luck!

Hellooo. :blush: I think since you’re already done with the school, you’re on the right track. :open_mouth: From here, the next (and harder) challenge is really finding a strategy that works for you. :sweat_smile: Have you started demo trading? :open_mouth: How’s that going so far? Are you already currently using a particular strategy?

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thanks for reaching out :slightly_smiling_face: i started demo trading immediately i studied about brokers while still in the school of pipsology but i was trading recklessly which i almost blew my first demo account, lol then i paused and i had to finish the school. Now im stuck at keeping a strategy nor developing one. Was day trading before i had to pause now im leaning towards swing trading and im yet to place a trade. Lol!! just trying to find my balance and stuffs, and the indicators im quite familiar with are stochastic (the most), rsi, bb and atr ( alittle bit) AND still trying to really understand S AND R very well. but i think im just worrying to uch and im learning take it day by day. Hence why im here to gather as much as many Infromation i could get

Just want to say I love the enthusiasm! :blush: Haha. I can feel that you’re really determined to make it work so I’ll be cheering for you! :smiley: I agree that it’s best to take your time and go at it at your own pace. :blush: I’m curious about your indicators. Have you also tried familiarizing yourself with MAs? :smiley:

too be honest i dont really understand MA, honestly! i cant find my way around it. or maybe im just fousing on the wrong thing

Understandable! :blush: MA can be a bit confusing sometimes. :sweat_smile: But good luuuuck! If you have any questions or you’re confused with anything, I’m sure a lot of people here would be happy to help out. :blush:

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Welcome Karim and good luck with your trading journey!

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Hello, and welcome to the forum! It’s great to have you here. Keep learning and asking questions here.

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It’s great to hear you’re taking time to observe and understand the market and not rushing into trades. It can be very helpful in building your confidence and skills. You’re on the right track :wink:

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Welcome to the community @theonly_karim! Just be patient as you go through the learning process. Good luck!

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