Low Deposit Brokers

Hi guys I’m a new trader . I’m looking for a low deposit reliable broker to start my fx journey any recommendations

You can gain knowledge about trading by doing online research.

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You can try Exness if you’re a resident of an eligible country
Initial deposits starting as low as 10USD

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I use this tier one regulated broker. Great MT5 platform, great spreads. Here’s the link.

gaining knowledge by online right now is very common , but most of them are found to be scams . so traders should focus on real online courses.

I think nowadays most brokers offer to trade with only $1.

Really? I am trading with fxview, they allow 5 euros for minimum deposit, others also like xm, hotforex have a minimum deposit of $5 on certain accounts but $1 is too low, can you name a few?

I started to trade with Hotforex with 10$ deposit, however I lost it quickly because after playing with micro lots I started to lose patience and increased stakes. Later I managed to win back losses and make my trading profitable however lesson has been learned - to set reasonable profit targets you should have enough money to survive losing streaks.

I’m a beginner in forex with six months of demo trading experience. I’m currently looking for a reliable minimum opening balance broker with micro-lots and good customer service?

Try Exness (if you reside in an eligible country)
They have cent account with a minimum deposit of 10$
and 24/7 support in various languages
and regulated by various entities

These are some good and regulated brokers with low initial deposits

  • Fxview - $5
  • Hotforex - $5
  • XM - $5
  • FXTM - $10

P.S Do your own research as well

What’s the point though?

2 of the brokers I use are $10 minimum(EagleFX and CedarFX)

There’s a lot of low deposit brokers out there, I wouldn’t recommend anything lower than $10.

Finprotrading is one you can check, minimum deposit is $5 and good broker.

What is the reason for the desire to find a broker with a low deposit?

Are sure? If yes drop the website link

You better try on Demo account, there is no point trading with 5-10$

@mvoda But there’s a huge difference between a demo account and a live account. I won’t suggest any new trader to jump from a demo account to a live account with huge capital. It’s better to start with a micro account until you adapt yourself to the market conditions.

There’s no use of finding a low deposit broker. You’ll only be able to achieve minimal profits.Better practice on a demo account if you are not sure yet.