Low risk

Is it possible using [B].5%[/B] risk per trade to grow account ?

When you look at it like that everything is possible in trading. New traders may be better off to only use 0.5% until they achieve consistency. It is better to risk 0.5% and earn money than risk 5% and lose money. Trading is not about making money quick, but rather about keeping your profits in the long-term.

i think so. that’s about the risk percentage used by professional traders. low risk doesn’t necessarily equate low returns just as high risk doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get high returns (probably you’ll blow up if you trade long enough)

Sure, why not? If you’re just starting out, then this might be a good risk per trade to start with, then eventually just increase your risk as you become more confident in your trading skills and analysis. As long as your returns are consistent, then you should be able to grow your account with 0.5% risk.